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Farm animals
document Are stress levels of hens in battery cages the same as those of hens in cage-free egg production systems?
04 Oct, 2016 Views: 8987
document Are there animal welfare advantages to on-farm mobile slaughtering units or micro abattoirs?
11 Feb, 2015 Views: 5309
document Can layer hen mortality, pests, parasites, disease and predation be managed in non-cage systems?
04 Oct, 2016 Views: 1194
document Can the needs of layer hens be met in furnished cages?
04 Oct, 2016 Views: 3862
document Can the risk of free-range layer hens, chickens and turkeys contracting bird flu be managed?
27 Sep, 2016 Views: 4182
document Do eggs from free-range systems pose a food safety risk?
22 Sep, 2016 Views: 4168
document Do layer hens suffer from bone problems?
22 Sep, 2016 Views: 3527
document Does extreme heat affect farm animals?
04 Feb, 2014 Views: 4813
document Does the Approved Farming Scheme include cattle and sheep production?
27 Oct, 2014 Views: 7888
document Does the RSPCA have animal welfare standards for beef production?
11 Mar, 2015 Views: 10691
document Does the RSPCA have animal welfare standards for dairy veal?
25 May, 2017 Views: 445
document Does the RSPCA have animal welfare standards for lamb production?
22 Nov, 2010 Views: 8183
document How are animals killed for food?
25 May, 2016 Views: 85659
document How can feather pecking be managed in cage-free layer hen systems?
04 Oct, 2016 Views: 4456
document How can free-range layer hens be encouraged to use the range area?
22 Sep, 2016 Views: 3817
document How could egg producers manage the change from battery cage systems to alternative systems?
04 Oct, 2016 Views: 4058
document How do I contact the Minister for Agriculture to ask for improvements in animal welfare?
07 Jul, 2017 Views: 26398
document How do young calves cope with transport?
25 May, 2017 Views: 399
document How much milk should dairy calves be fed?
18 Jul, 2017 Views: 338
document How much space does a free-range layer hen need?
22 Sep, 2016 Views: 11960

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