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Does the RSPCA promote veganism or vegetarianism?

When some people become aware of the realities of large-scale animal farming, they choose to become vegetarian or vegan. The RSPCA respects this choice.

The RSPCA acknowledges that not consuming animal-derived products is one way to demonstrate compassion towards farm animals. The RSPCA also acknowledges the link between farm animal production and climate change. A valid way for people to reduce their environmental footprint may be to remove animal products from their diets.

With both of these aspects in mind, the RSPCA works to improve the welfare of as many animals as possible. Given that most Australians include meat and animal-derived products in their diet, the RSPCA urges these consumers to support farmers who prioritise animal welfare. By doing this the lives of millions of farm animals will be improved today and in the future. You can read more about our mission, vision and objectives here: RSPCA Australia animals charter.

Whilst animal products are consumed and used, the RSPCA has a key role in improving how farm animals are treated from birth through to slaughter. This means constantly pushing for improved standards along the supply chain and urging that animals be kept in environments that meet their physical and behavioural needs, and are handled, transported, and killed or slaughtered humanely. The RSPCA also acknowledges that the impacts of climate change will negatively affect the welfare of animals globally (e.g., extreme weather events, habitat loss) and seeks to reduce these impacts.

We advocate for improved farm animal welfare at government, industry, producer, and corporate level. Find out more about our role in agriculture.

Whether you consume animal-derived products or not, you can further your impact by making it known to industry, brands, and producers that you care about and support continuous improvements in how farm animals are treated.

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Updated on November 1, 2022
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