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document Can I feed live mice to a reptile?
10 Jun, 2009 Views: 10984
document Do I need to restrain my dog when travelling in my car?
15 Jun, 2012 Views: 40029
document Do I need to trim my rabbit's nails?
20 Aug, 2013 Views: 8616
document How can I find a good boarding facility for my pet?
17 Oct, 2013 Views: 4207
document How can I protect my dog from tick paralysis?
30 Jan, 2013 Views: 15951
document How should I keep and care for my pet ducks?
11 Jan, 2013 Views: 17567
document I think my guinea pig might be pregnant, what should I do?
29 Apr, 2013 Views: 66592
document I'm looking for a pet kitten or cat - what should I do?
05 Aug, 2013 Views: 2640
document Is eating cats or dogs legal?
17 Oct, 2012 Views: 20738
document Is the pet food industry regulated in Australia?
27 Jan, 2011 Views: 14440
document What are the common health problems in pet guinea pigs?
27 Dec, 2012 Views: 35465
document What can I do in hot weather to prevent heatstroke in my pet?
29 Nov, 2012 Views: 40254
document What do I need to consider before transporting my pet by air?
30 Jan, 2013 Views: 4847
document What do the terms inbreeding and linebreeding mean?
07 Aug, 2013 Views: 15488
document What is RSPCA Australia's position on the irradiation of imported pet food products?
27 Jan, 2011 Views: 16235
document What is swill and can I feed it to my pet pigs?
12 Dec, 2013 Views: 997
document What is Toxoplasmosis?
30 Jan, 2013 Views: 6859
document What preparations should I make for my pets in case of an emergency?
06 Feb, 2013 Views: 5762
document What should I consider before taking my dog to the office?
07 Jun, 2013 Views: 6887
document What should I feed my backyard chickens?
15 Jan, 2014 Views: 104816

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