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Why does the RSPCA oppose the export of racing greyhounds?

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RSPCA Australia opposes the export of Australian racing greyhounds because it puts them at significant risk of poor animal welfare outcomes.

The risks include stress and injuries associated with long-distance transport, lack of animal welfare legal protection in importing countries, and the potential to enter the dog meat trade. The lack of a formal tracking system for dogs exported to other countries means that the fate of Australian greyhounds is currently unknown. There are also serious concerns about the apparent lack of formal rehoming/adoption programs in destination countries.

There is no evidence that there are any jurisdictions in the world where the animal welfare problems that exist in greyhound racing in Australia have been effectively addressed and removed. Therefore, exporting Australian racing greyhounds to any destination can put greyhounds at risk. 

RSPCA Australia does not support the export of greyhounds from Australia, except where the greyhound is accompanying their owner as a recognised companion animal and where the greyhound will not be used for greyhound racing purposes (for racing or breeding). This should be stipulated in Australian Government export regulations.

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Updated on February 1, 2022
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