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RSPCA Policy F6 Transportation of horses

6.1RSPCA Australia is opposed to any method of transportation for horses which cause injury, suffering or distress.
6.2RSPCA Australia only accepts the transport of horses in single deck vehicles specifically designed for the needs of horses. The RSPCA opposes the use of double-decker vehicles for horse transport as it is not possible to provide sufficient height on both decks due to vehicle safety restrictions.
6.3All horses must be transported, at the very minimum, in accordance with the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines - Land Transport of Livestock as incorporated into relevant state or territory law, and any other applicable state or territory code.
6.4Feral horses
6.4.1Feral horses should only be transported for the purposes of relocation or rehoming and as part of a government supervised management program.
6.4.2Special consideration must be given to the welfare of feral horses during muster, assembly, loading and transport as these are wild animals unused to human contact or confinement.
6.4.3Mustering or trapping of feral horses for transport should be carried out in accordance with current best practice.
6.4.4RSPCA Australia supports the development of a national standard for the transportation of feral horses.

(reviewed 24/12/12)

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Updated on December 9, 2020

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