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RSPCA Policy F5 Transportation of horses

5.1The RSPCA believes that horses must only be transported in single-deck vehicles specifically designed for horse transport.
5.2Horses, with the exception of wild horses transported from the wild, must be appropriately habituated (e.g. using low-stress handling principles) to be loaded/unloaded safely and to ensure they remain calm on the transport vehicle and throughout the journey.
5.3Horses must be individually segregated during transportation by the use of partitions or other appropriate methods, rather than in groups, to minimise risk of injury, stress, and restricted access to food and water where provided on board. An exception to this would be where horses are familiar with one another and can be safely transported in compatible pairs or small groups.

(adopted 21/05/2023)

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Updated on July 6, 2023

RSPCA policies reflect the best available evidence to direct and guide RSPCA and others, to promote and achieve good animal welfare outcomes.

Reference to ‘the RSPCA’ or ‘RSPCA’ in this document means RSPCA Australia and each of the RSPCA Australia member Societies.

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