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How are the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme standards developed?

The RSPCA standards focus on the animal welfare aspect of farm animal production and are developed by RSPCA Australia. The standards are developed following the completion of a comprehensive literature review that examines animal welfare science in Australia and abroad. The RSPCA Science team then looks at a variety of production systems by consulting with industry and visiting farms and processing plants. The standards take into account farming in the Australian environment and the commercial realities of farm animal production.

The standards offer significantly higher welfare than conventional farming systems and what is required by law. They are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement in animal welfare on farm. To make a meaningful impact on as many animals as possible, the RSPCA works with large scale producers and the standards must be achievable. Having a Scheme that no one can join will do nothing for animal welfare. In saying that, what sets the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme apart from conventional systems is that high animal welfare is central to all our standards.

Find out more about the Approved Farming Scheme here.

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Updated on May 1, 2019
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