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What is a 'registered breeder'?

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Last updated: 22 Jan, 2015
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The term 'registered breeder' can mean two different things:

1. Registration with a breed club or association

Dog and cat breeders are often referred to as ‘registered breeders’ when they are members of a breed association or club (which operates a stud book or register) or other breeder association.

2. Registration with the local council

The terms ‘registered breeder’ or ‘recognised breeder’ may also be used to refer to registration with local council as a breeder.

Registration with an association/club or local council does not necessarily indicate that a breeder is responsible or meets good animal welfare standards.

RSPCA Australia advocates a compulsory legislated registration and licensing system and mandatory standards for the conduct of dog and cat breeding, without exemption. RSPCA Australia supports mandatory display of breeder registration/licence numbers at the point of sale and in all advertisements.

See the RSPCA online Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer's guide and the pamphlets attached below for more information.

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