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What is an RSPCA policy statement?

An RSPCA Australia policy statement is a straightforward statement or declaration of RSPCA policy on a particular animal welfare matter governance or operational topic or subject. Policy statements are usually short and concise and include a clear description and a brief rationale of the basis for the policy for example: why did it come about and what need does it address?

Policy statements should be relevant and/or applicable and unlikely to change materially in the short term. Some policy statements are externally focused that is they present the RSPCA’s views on the treatment of animals in the wider community. Other policies are internally focused that is they refer to actions undertaken by the RSPCA itself but provide a benchmark for other organisations carrying out similar activities e.g. policies for the rehoming of animals from RSPCA shelters or regarding the use of animals at RSPCA shelters for study or teaching.

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Updated on January 31, 2019

RSPCA policies reflect the best available evidence to direct and guide RSPCA and others, to promote and achieve good animal welfare outcomes.

Reference to ‘the RSPCA’ or ‘RSPCA’ in this document means RSPCA Australia and each of the RSPCA Australia member Societies.

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