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What do I need to consider before adopting an ex-racing greyhound?

There are several important aspects that need to be considered before committing to adopt a greyhound. By doing so, you will help to avoid problems thereby creating a smooth transition for your new canine companion.

Indoor or outdoor living?

The decision on where your new greyhound will spend most of their time will be determined by their needs and your needs. Some dogs may prefer to live outside most of the time but they need protection from the elements (sun/heat and cold), stimulation and company, which will involve you spending time with them outside or having them come inside. This may sound odd or even counter-intuitive, but remember, many have never been inside a home and may feel trapped in a small lounge room with unfamiliar people or children nearby. Although they may learn relatively quickly, it is also important to remember that your greyhound won’t be toilet trained, so be patient and do the same training as you would for a puppy. For more information, read: Why do greyhounds need help with toilet training?

How much space is needed for my greyhound?

Greyhounds don’t need a lot of space but they do need a place of their own to retreat to when they wish to be alone. Those who like to live indoors are happy with a comfortable bed to rest, combined with walks or play sessions. For those who like the outdoors, a medium-sized backyard will suffice to run around and play in, with street or park walks adding variety. The main thing is that the backyard needs to be fenced and secure.

How should I manage introductions to resident pets?

If you have any pets, then check the profile for the greyhound you have your heart set on for information regarding compatibility with other animals. If your greyhound has not had an opportunity to interact with other animals, then you will need advice to enable appropriate introductions to be made with resident pets, bearing in mind that separation may be required, at least on a temporary basis. For more information read: Can greyhounds live in harmony with other pets? and What is prey drive and why do I need to understand this?

What will I need before my new greyhound arrives?

Before collecting your new greyhound, check you have the following necessities:

  • Collar (Martingale recommended) and identification tag (Name & your phone number)
  • Front attaching harness and leash
  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl
  • Dog or puppy food (Hills recommended)
  • Bedding (may need more than one bed/basket for different rooms in the house or for outside)
  • Dog kennel
  • Dog coat
  • Toys, rewards and treats
  • Pooper scooper
  • Grooming brush or comb
  • Flea and tick control products
  • Worm control product
  • Muzzle (if required)

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Updated on May 10, 2021
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