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RSPCA Policy GP4 International issues

4.1RSPCA Australia supports the adoption of a Universal Declaration for the Welfare of Animals under international agreement through the United Nations, which outlines principles of good animal welfare to encourage national governments to improve animal welfare legislation and practices.
4.2RSPCA Australia supports the development of stronger international animal welfare standards through the World Organisation for Animal Health (the OIE). RSPCA Australia advocates that the Office of the Australian Chief Veterinary Officer, as Australia’s delegate to the OIE, take a leadership role in pursuing this end.
4.3Wherever possible, RSPCA Australia will advocate for improving the welfare of animals in other nations and support, in any lawful, practical way, animal welfare organisations in other countries that work to prevent cruelty to animals and promote their welfare.

(adopted 15/06/2020)

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Updated on December 9, 2020

RSPCA policies reflect the best available evidence to direct and guide RSPCA and others, to promote and achieve good animal welfare outcomes.

Reference to ‘the RSPCA’ or ‘RSPCA’ in this document means RSPCA Australia and each of the RSPCA Australia member Societies.

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