RSPCA Policy C03 Working Animals

3.1RSPCA Australia is opposed to the use of any animal for the purpose of work, or training associated with such use, where injury, pain, suffering or distress is likely to be caused.
3.2RSPCA Australia advocates the adoption of compulsory and enforced animal welfare standards and a registration and licensing system where animals are used for the purpose of work. Compliance with compulsory standards for the management, housing and transport of working animals must be made a condition of licensing.

Note: Examples of work include policing (crowd control apprehension of suspects) substance detection (e.g. for customs quarantine or pest control purposes) guarding therapy farm animal control transport (e.g. carriage horses) or agricultural work (e.g. ploughing).

(adopted 30/3/2016)

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Updated on December 9, 2020

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Reference to ‘the RSPCA’ or ‘RSPCA’ in this document means RSPCA Australia and each of the RSPCA Australia member Societies.

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