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RSPCA Policy B1 Farm animals – general principles

1.1RSPCA Australia advocates for the humane treatment of all farm animals (domesticated animals raised for the purpose of producing food and fibre). RSPCA Australia believes it is important to work with the farming community and other stakeholders to affect positive change and improve animal welfare throughout the lives of the animals, whether they be farmed in land-based or aquaculture systems.
1.2RSPCA Australia believes that good animal welfare must be an inherent part of farm animal production. Good animal welfare must involve providing animals with good nutrition, a suitable environment, good health, the ability to express innate behaviours, and the opportunity to experience positive affective states and thus have a good quality of life.
1.3RSPCA Australia believes that, throughout every stage of the production process, people responsible for the care and management of farm animals must be aware of their responsibilities, must engage in caring and responsible planning and management, must be skilled, knowledgeable and conscientious, practise considerate handling, and humane killing, to ensure good welfare for the animal concerned.
1.4RSPCA Australia is opposed to farming systems and animal husbandry practices which cause pain, injury, suffering or distress to animals, or which restrict their movements or expression of normal behaviour.
1.5RSPCA Australia believes that animal welfare in all farming systems must be regulated, meet all relevant animal welfare standards and guidelines, and be subject to regular and independent auditing to ensure that the welfare of farm animals is not compromised.
1.6RSPCA Australia considers the development, implementation and enforcement of high mandatory standards of animal welfare, in line with contemporary scientific knowledge and community expectations, to be an important pathway towards continuous improvement of animal welfare.
1.7RSPCA Australia believes that sustainable farm animal production requires an ongoing commitment to good husbandry and management practices and continuous improvement in animal welfare.

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(Reviewed 28/03/2018)

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Updated on February 24, 2021

RSPCA policies reflect the best available evidence to direct and guide RSPCA and others, to promote and achieve good animal welfare outcomes.

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