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RSPCA Australia mission statement, vision and objectives

RSPCA Australia mission statement

To prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection.

RSPCA Australia vision

To be the leading authority in animal care and protection.

The objectives of the RSPCA in Australia are:

  • To prevent cruelty to animals by ensuring the enforcement of existing laws at federal and state level.
  • To procure the passage of such amending or new legislation as is necessary for the protection of animals.
  • To develop and promote policies for the humane treatment of animals that reflect contemporary values and scientific knowledge.
  • To educate the community with regard to the humane treatment of animals.
  • To engage with relevant stakeholders to improve animal welfare.
  • To sustain an intelligent public opinion regarding animal welfare.
  • To operate facilities for the care and protection of animals.

These objectives are supported by a federation of member Societies known as RSPCA Australia, a Board and administration.

Statement on the shelter and care of animals

The RSPCA will accept any animal offered into its care where it has the facilities, resources and legal capacity to do so.

Updated on May 2, 2019

The policies and positions of the RSPCA referred to on this site represent the guiding principles to which we aspire in fulfilling our various roles. We are committed to giving effect to these principles wherever possible and practical.

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