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How can I keep my cat safe and happy at home?

Whether you’ve just adopted a new cat or kitten, or are considering how best to care for your existing cat, the RSPCA Australia Guide on keeping your cat safe and happy at home can help.

We now know that cats can be safe and happy at home, avoiding the dangers of roaming. Many cat owners are now providing a safe and suitable environment for their cat at home all day, every day. Keeping your cat safe and happy at home means providing for all their needs, including some that may previously have been met by roaming outdoors. Meeting these needs in other ways requires forward thinking and a little imagination and commitment. But you needn’t go it alone: we’re here to help explain how you and your cat can live at home together in harmony.

Click on the image below to visit the RSPCA Australia Safe and Happy Cats website for more information:

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Updated on February 2, 2022
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