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Are curfews for domestic cats mandatory?

The following table shows details about curfews for domestic cats in each state or territory.

State/TerritoryYes/NoDetails of conditions and any associated laws
ACTNoCat curfews can be declared in a suburb or area of a suburb if there is a serious nature conservation threat as a result of cat activities in the area. Cat owners must confine their animals during a cat curfew. New suburbs will have cat containment laws in the future.
VICNoUnder the Domestic (Feral & Nuisance) Animals Act 1994 Councils have power to make a local law prohibiting or regulating the presence of cats or dogs in “specified areas”. It is not mandatory. See section 42(b)
WANoNot under Animal Welfare Act – but possibly under some local shire rules

The information presented here is not intended to be relied on for legal advice and you should seek advice from the relevant authority and/or a lawyer about your individual circumstances.

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Updated on August 6, 2019
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