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Should pet greyhounds have to wear muzzles?

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Last updated: 29 Nov, 2016
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In all States/Territories of Australia, except the Northern Territory and some local council areas in Queensland, there is a compulsory requirement for pet greyhounds to wear a muzzle in public.

Greyhound muzzling laws are based on ‘breed’ not on individual dog behaviour and are an example of breed-specific legislation (BSL). There is no evidence to show that greyhounds as a breed pose any greater risk to the public compared to other dog breeds or mix of breeds. The RSPCA does not support breed specific legislation. Compulsory greyhound muzzling is contrary to RSPCA policy which states that the use of muzzles should be based on the behaviour of each individual dog. 

Compulsory muzzling contributes to negative public perceptions about greyhounds and their suitability as pets. Most people are not aware that compulsory muzzling requirements are in place and therefore mistakenly conclude that greyhounds are muzzled due to an aggressive and dangerous temperament. In reality, greyhounds generally have friendly and gentle dispositions and make fantastic pets.

Unfortunately the misconception that greyhounds need to be muzzled has major ramifications for greyhound rehoming, preventing many greyhounds that are discarded by the racing industry from finding a new home. Removing muzzling laws would significantly help improve the image of greyhounds and thus help increase rehoming rates. 

Compulsory muzzling of pet greyhounds in public occurs only in Australia and Northern Ireland. RSPCA Australia has not identified any evidence of increased safety risks or incidents/issues arising from the absence of compulsory muzzling of pet greyhounds in public places in other countries.

The RSPCA supports the complete removal of compulsory muzzling requirements for pet greyhounds while in a public place.

Please see the Information paper (attached below) and linked articles for more information.

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Attached files
file Compulsory muzzling of pet greyhounds - RSPCA Information Paper Aug 2015.pdf (246 kb)
file Greyhound adoption - RSPCA Information Booklet March 2017.pdf (711 kb)

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