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Is the tail docking of dogs legal?

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Last updated: 03 Aug, 2010
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The cosmetic tail docking of dogs was banned nationally in 2004. This means that dog's tails should no longer be docked by anyone other than a vet for reasons that are in the best interests of the animal concerned, i.e.only  when a tail has been damaged through injury or disease.

Yes/No name of relevant act/special conditions and requirements
ACT No Animal Welfare Act 1992 - Section 19A
NSW No Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 - Section 12
NT No Animal Welfare Act 2007 - Section 9
QLD No Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 - Section 24
SA No Animal Welfare Regulations 2000 - Regulation 6
TAS No Animal Welfare Regulations 2008 - Regulation 5
 VIC No Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Tail Docking of Dogs) Regulations 2004 - Regulation 7A


Animal Welfare (General) Regulations 2003 - Regulation 14

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