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Is it legal to keep wildlife as pets?

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Last updated: 27 Nov, 2009
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The keeping of wildlife as pets is subject to specific licensing requirements - please contact your State or Territory government for further information.

Yes/No name of relevant act/special conditions and requirements
ACT Yes As long as not taken from the wild which would be an offence under the Nature Conservation Act
NSW Yes In New South Wales some native animals can be kept as pets. The requirements and conditions are provided for under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (as amended).
NT Yes
QLD Yes Nature Conservation Act 1992
SA Yes But restrictions under National Parks and Wildlife Act, must have a permit.
Not allowed to keep dingoes.
TAS Yes Tasmanian Wildlife Regulations 1999 (Permits required for partly or wholly protected species)
Yes Wildlife Act 1975 and Wildlife Regulations 2002. NB: only legal to keep certain classes of wild pigs as pets.
No Conservation and Land Management Act

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