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RSPCA Policy H5 Domestic violence and cruelty to animals

5.1RSPCA Australia recognises the link between child abuse, domestic violence and cruelty to animals, and that cruelty to animals may be a precursor to other forms of violence.
5.2The RSPCA will work to raise public awareness of this link and will collaborate with other agencies to identify and address cases of animal welfare and domestic violence. The RSPCA supports the development of systems for cross-reporting between the RSPCA, the police and relevant social welfare agencies.
5.3The RSPCA, where resources allow, aims to protect the welfare of animals at risk through domestic violence by providing appropriate emergency care and support.
5.4The RSPCA supports education programs, especially those for children, which promote the humane treatment of animals.

(adopted 14/10/05)

Updated on January 21, 2019
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