RSPCA Policy D2 Genetic manipulation

2.1RSPCA Australia does not support any genetic manipulation of animals that may cause pain, injury or distress. This includes both suffering caused to the genetically modified animals themselves and to the animals used in their production.
2.2Where the use of genetic manipulation or cloning offers the opportunity to improve animal welfare, the costs and benefits of the procedures involved in all steps in the development and breeding processes must be taken into consideration. This includes impacts on all animals directly involved in those processes and on any future progeny of those animals.
2.3RSPCA Australia advocates that all cloning and genetic manipulation of animals should be conducted in accordance with the Australian Model Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes, whether the purpose of the procedure is scientific or not.


Patenting of a gene or genetically modified animal allows the patent holder to control the use of that gene or the creation, breeding and supply of the animal. RSPCA Australia does not support the patenting of animals as this objectification of them undermines their intrinsic worth. Furthermore, the financial incentives involved in patenting transgenic animals could potentially compromise proper consideration of welfare implications.

(adopted 01/08/08)

Updated on January 15, 2019
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