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There's a snake in my backyard, what should I do?

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Last updated: 23 Jun, 2015
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The most likely time for people to encounter snakes in their garden is spring when the males are out looking for females to mate with. 

If you see a snake in your garden or house, do not try to catch or kill the snake. Walk away from it slowly and keep an eye on it from a safe distance (several metres away). Keep your pets safely away from it and the snake will usually move on in its own time. Snakes don’t want to be near humans any more than humans generally want to be near snakes.

If the snake has decided to stay around, and you really want it removed, you will need to contact a licensed snake handler to have it removed. If the snake is inside the house, close the door of the room it is in and place a towel under the door to prevent it from exiting before you call.

Snakes play a very important role in the Australian environment and are protected under environmental legislation, so you should not attempt to harm or remove them yourself. Most people who get bitten by snakes do so when attempting to remove them.

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