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RSPCA Policy E05 Public exhibition of wild animals

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Last updated: 07 Dec, 2010
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 5.1 RSPCA Australia is opposed to taking of animals from the wild for public exhibition, due to the risk of pain, injury or distress arising from the capture, transport, handling and long-term confinement of these animals, and potential effects on the ecosystem from where they are taken.
 5.2 All wild animals held for public exhibition must be kept in appropriate conditions that meet their physiological, social and behavioural needs.
 5.3 Some animals with complex social, physiological or behavioural needs can be extremely difficult to provide for in captivity. RSPCA Australia is opposed to the keeping of species for public exhibition where scientific evidence indicates that the needs of these animals cannot be adequately met in a captive environment.
 5.4 Zoological parks and aquaria
 5.4.1 RSPCA Australia advocates that no zoological park or aquarium should be permitted to keep or acquire animals unless it can adequately demonstrate that it has the facilities and resources to be able to provide for their behavioural, social and physiological needs over their entire lifetime.
 5.4.2 Zoological parks and aquaria must have documented management plans for each species held. The RSPCA supports the responsible and cooperative management of species between zoos and aquaria to increase genetic diversity and sustainability of captive species and improve conservation outcomes.
 5.4.3 RSPCA Australia advocates the adoption of compulsory national standards and guidelines for zoological parks and aquaria, including species-specific standards for husbandry and care. The use of animals in education, performances, displays and other interactive activities should be subject to independent ethical assessment.

See also C2 Performing animals

(adopted 06/12/10)

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