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Choosing a new pet
document Are purebreed breeders more responsible than crossbreed breeders?
12 Sep, 2013 Views: 17767
document Are there laws that require companion animal breeders to meet certain standards of care?
07 Mar, 2019 Views: 21574
document How do I avoid supporting puppy farms?
29 Oct, 2014 Views: 58945
document How do I find a good dog or cat breeder?
04 Feb, 2016 Views: 68415
document How old should a child be before they are allowed to take care of a pet?
19 Aug, 2014 Views: 16785
document How old should a kitten be before they are adopted/purchased?
01 Sep, 2009 Views: 55502
document How old should a puppy be before they are adopted/purchased?
01 Sep, 2009 Views: 88529
document I'm looking for a new pet, where should I go?
20 Feb, 2018 Views: 40873
document Is there a safe way to look for a new pet online?
10 Jan, 2019 Views: 522
document RSPCA Guidelines for the Online Advertising of Pets
11 Dec, 2018 Views: 78
document What animal welfare problems are associated with pedigree dog breeding?
20 Dec, 2018 Views: 30444
document What are some 'red flags' when looking for a pet online?
10 Jan, 2019 Views: 640
document What do I need to know before I get a new pet?
17 Sep, 2018 Views: 261764
document What do the terms inbreeding and linebreeding mean?
11 Nov, 2016 Views: 103169
document What is a 'registered breeder'?
20 Dec, 2018 Views: 83959
document What is a backyard breeder?
09 Mar, 2016 Views: 48225
document What is a puppy farm?
21 May, 2015 Views: 117049
document What is the RSPCA view on pet shops?
11 Nov, 2016 Views: 24347
document Where should I purchase a pet bird from?
09 Sep, 2016 Views: 4002