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document What is the most humane way to kill pest rats and mice?
17 Nov, 2017 Views: 159833
document Why are cattle dehorned and is it painful?
16 Nov, 2017 Views: 18359
document Is dehorning of cattle legal?
16 Nov, 2017 Views: 13030
document Will closed circuit television help improve the welfare of farm animals?
14 Nov, 2017 Views: 6802
document What is the RSPCA position on pigeon racing?
09 Nov, 2017 Views: 9915
document Should elephants be kept in zoos?
08 Nov, 2017 Views: 13784
document What does the RSPCA think about the trapping of wild dogs?
07 Nov, 2017 Views: 7807
document What is pigeon rotavirus and what should be done to stop it spreading?
07 Nov, 2017 Views: 1321
document Do horses and cattle enjoy participating in rodeos?
05 Nov, 2017 Views: 9021
document What is the RSPCA position on whips in Thoroughbred racing?
25 Oct, 2017 Views: 11932
document What is horse 'wastage' in the racehorse industry?
25 Oct, 2017 Views: 35174
document What are the animal welfare issues associated with Thoroughbred racing in Australia?
25 Oct, 2017 Views: 4700
document Are there animal welfare advantages to on-farm mobile slaughtering units or micro abattoirs?
20 Oct, 2017 Views: 6303
document Do padded whips cause pain to horses?
11 Oct, 2017 Views: 7877
document How do I tell if my dog is overweight?
03 Oct, 2017 Views: 24946
document What is the RSPCA’s view on the release of Cyprinid herpesvirus to kill carp?
03 Oct, 2017 Views: 344
document Why is my cat urinating inappropriately?
17 Sep, 2017 Views: 152852
document What should I feed my dog?
08 Sep, 2017 Views: 942718
document What is RSPCA’s vision for sustainable farm animal production?
28 Aug, 2017 Views: 651
document Is it okay to keep my cat contained within my property boundary all of the time?
16 Aug, 2017 Views: 68099
document What happens to livestock that are exported for slaughter overseas?
11 Aug, 2017 Views: 11314
document What are the standards of animal welfare onboard live export ships?
11 Aug, 2017 Views: 6160
document How would a cessation of the live sheep export trade affect WA sheep farmers?
11 Aug, 2017 Views: 9189
document What are the animal welfare issues associated with feedlots?
09 Aug, 2017 Views: 19374
document Where can I find information on best practice management of foxes?
08 Aug, 2017 Views: 4096