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Discussion papers
file Ag-gag laws in Australia - RSPCA Discussion Paper Aug 2014.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 319 kb Downloads: 1554
file Humane Vertebrate Pest Control - RSPCA Discussion Paper Dec 2004.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 353 kb Downloads: 9468
file RSPCA Puppy Farm Discussion Paper Jan 2010.pdf
Discussion Paper on Puppy Farms in Australia
This paper is now closed for comment.
30 Jul, 2014 File size: 2.59 mb Downloads: 126068
file End Puppy Farming - the Way Forward - RSPCA Discussion Papaer Nov 2010.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 176 kb Downloads: 25677
file Legislating to End Puppy Farming - RSPCA Discussion Paper May 2015.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 509 kb Downloads: 2472