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folder Information papers
Information papers provide advice on specific animal welfare issues to supplement general Knowledgebase articles.
folder Position papers
RSPCA Position papers supplement RSPCA policy by providing more detailed information and explaining the rationale behind the position taken on a specific subject.
folder Discussion papers
Documents which examine current thinking and evidence on a specific animal welfare issue. Discussion papers are intended to inform discussion and thus may be amended in response to comment and feedback from interested parties.
folder Research reports
Research reports summarise information on an emerging animal welfare issue and draw conclusions based on the available evidence, for an internal and external specialist audience.
folder Externally produced documents
Non-RSPCA documents provided for information or advice.

Recent files
file Exotic Animals in Australian Circuses - RSPCA Information Paper March 2017.pdf
31 Mar, 2017 File size: 403 kb Downloads: 55
file Greyhound adoption - RSPCA Information Booklet March 2017.pdf
02 Mar, 2017 File size: 711 kb Downloads: 660
file Recreational hunting - RSPCA Information Paper Dec 2016.pdf
24 Jan, 2017 File size: 527 kb Downloads: 9192
file Live baiting prohihibtions under state legislation - RSPCA Information Paper Oct 2016.pdf
26 Oct, 2016 File size: 366 kb Downloads: 2641
file Prevention and control of flystrike in sheep – RSPCA Research Report Aug 2011.pdf
26 Oct, 2016 File size: 169 kb Downloads: 5634
Most downloaded
file Training tips for excessive barking - RSPCA Information Paper Sept 2014.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 191 kb Downloads: 70119
file Early-age desexing of cats and dogs – RSPCA Research Report Aug 2012.pdf
26 Oct, 2016 File size: 481 kb Downloads: 53693
file Smart Puppy Buyers Guide July 2016.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 512 kb Downloads: 48838
file Slaughter of horses (Doherty) – RSPCA Research Report June 2008.pdf
26 Oct, 2016 File size: 1.26 mb Downloads: 32790
file End Puppy Farming - the Way Forward - RSPCA Discussion Papaer Nov 2010.pdf
25 Oct, 2016 File size: 176 kb Downloads: 23698