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What is a backyard breeder?

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Last updated: 09 Mar, 2016
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Backyard breeding is a term used to describe irresponsible breeding of animals. Often this is due to ignorance or neglect where a pet dog or cat accidentally becomes pregnant because the owner has failed to have them desexed. 

Some people also allow their cat or dog to have a litter because they believe it is a good experience for their children to witness and/or every animal should have a litter. These are not valid reasons for allowing pets to breed and is strongly discouraged. In other cases animals are deliberately bred so the animals can be sold. Fortunately, in some States laws are being introduced requiring mandatory desexing of pets and/or registration of breeders to help prevent over breeding of dogs and cats. When breeding is carried out on a large scale and where conditions are poor, the term puppy farm is used.

What distinguishes backyard breeders from responsible breeders are the standards that the breeder meets and whether there is a known demand for puppies before they are bred. Where breeding has been accidental, the owner is often unaware of the special requirements for the mother and her offspring and it is often difficult to find good homes for the puppies or kittens. Inadequate nutrition, fleas and worms are common in these situations, placing the welfare of these animals at risk.

Backyard breeding contributes to the unwanted companion animal population in the community. Uncontrolled breeding and overpopulation inevitably leads to the euthanasia of healthy unwanted animals.

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