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What does the RSPCA think about the use of live animals as prizes?

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Last updated: 24 Sep, 2014
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Sometimes live animals are given as prizes in raffles, competitions or other fundraising events. Examples include ponies or dogs in raffles, goldfish as fairground prizes etc. RSPCA Australia is opposed to the use of live animals as prizes as this creates a situation where a person is responsible for the care of an animal without any proper planning or consideration.

Acquiring a companion animal should be the result of careful planning and prior consideration. The prospective owner should have a clear understanding of the responsibilities involved and carefully consider whether they have, and will continue to have, the facilities, time, financial means and level of interest necessary to ensure a satisfactory standard of care for their animal prior to acquiring the animal.

If you know of a competition or fundraiser where live animals are being advertised as prizes, consider contacting the organisers to express your concern and ask them to provide an alternative prize.



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