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RSPCA Policy B1 Farm animals - general principles

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Last updated: 01 Nov, 2010
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 1.1   RSPCA Australia believes that, throughout every stage of the production process, people in charge of the care and management of farm animals should be aware of their responsibilities, should engage in caring and responsible planning and management, and practise considerate handling and transport to ensure the welfare of the animal concerned.
 1.2 RSPCA Australia recognises that good stockmanship, i.e. the knowledge, skill, attitude and behaviour necessary to handle animals in a manner that does not compromise their welfare, is essential for the well-being of farm animals.
 1.3  RSPCA Australia believes that all production systems should be subject to regulation and independent auditing to ensure that the welfare of farm animals is not compromised.
 1.4  RSPCA Australia is opposed to all forms of farming and animal husbandry practices which cause injury, suffering or distress to animals, or which unreasonably restrict their movements and/or behavioural patterns which are necessary for the well-being of the species concerned.
 (adopted 01/08/08)

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