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RSPCA Policy A11 Surgical modification of companion animals

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2014
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RSPCA Australia is opposed to the surgical modification of animals for cosmetic or non-therapeutic purposes. The RSPCA considers the following specific procedures to be unnecessary and detrimental to the welfare of the animal concerned:

- tail docking of dogs

- ear-cropping of dogs

 11.2 RSPCA Australia does not support the debarking of dogs to prevent excessive barking unless all other reasonable options have been attempted and the operation is regarded as the only alternative to euthanasia.
 11.3 RSPCA Australia does not support the removal of claws or teeth in companion animals (including dogs, cats and ferrets) unless it is necessary for the welfare of the animal concerned and is undertaken by a registered veterinarian under appropriate anaesthesia.

(reviewed 26/06/14)

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