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RSPCA Policy A04 Adoption of RSPCA animals

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2014
Revision: 22
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 4.1 RSPCA Australia aims to rehome all suitable animals in its care. Some animals may be unsuitable for adoption due to health, behavioural or legislative reasons.
 4.2 Animals will only be offered for adoption to owners whom the RSPCA believes can provide for the needs of the animal during their lifetime.
 4.3 All dogs and cats offered for adoption by the RSPCA must be desexed and permanently identified by microchip. Other animals offered for adoption should be desexed and identified as appropriate for the species.
 4.4 Prior to adoption, all animals must undergo a veterinary health and behaviour check and be vaccinated against common core infectious diseases as appropriate for the species.
Animals adopted from the RSPCA will always be accepted back.

* Procedures for the adoption of animals other than companion animals (such as livestock) should be consistent with the general principles outlined in this policy.

(reviewed 26/06/14)

See also: Position paper A2 Animal adoption guidelines

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