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How are policies and position papers developed?

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Last updated: 25 Aug, 2010
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Development of a policy statement or position paper begins with a discussion paper, drafted by the RSPCA Australia office or any member Society, and presented to the RSPCA Australia Board. This is held as a record of the basis for the position. The paper should include an explanation of the background to, and reasons for, the proposal, details of any existing relevant policy documents and suggested wording for the policy statement or position paper or a description of what the wording should cover.

If the Board agrees in principle to the recommendations in the discussion paper, it goes to the Policy Review Committee (PRC). Wording is usually drafted by RSPCA Australia science team and circulated to the PRC for comment. Comments are considered and incorporated into the next draft. The PRC will only make final recommendations to the Board once the review process has been completed and general agreement on wording has been reached.

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