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Can I get a miniature pig in Australia?

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Last updated: 21 Aug, 2014
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There are no true miniature pigs available in Australia. The breed of pig that is popular as a pet in the United States — the Vietnamese potbellied pig — is a prohibited import into Australia. Some Australian breeders have tried to breed small pigs, but these are still substantially larger than true miniature pigs. So-called ‘miniature’ pigs can grow as large as 90 kg, although most are between 40 and 60 kg. This is smaller than a commercial pig, which can grow to 250–300 kg. If you are looking for a small pig to keep as a pet, you should look for a reputable breeder of pet pigs and ask to view the parents, as this will give a good indication of the size the pig will grow (although some pigs will outgrow their parents).

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